November 30, 2009

Foksy Scarves in Japan

The expansion of species spreads around the world! In this picture you can see lovely Shan Shan - also known as Dadaya - a crafter and style blogger from Osaka, Japan. Shan Shan, among other accessories like self-made beret and famous bag, is wearing a long Ginger Foks from Celapiu. Perfect outfit to make fall a bit sunnier!

To see more work by Shan Shan, including the trademark toadstool berets, vistit her shop here.


Anonymous said...

nie moge znalesc nigdzie do was maila wiec pisze tu, podrabiaja was;/
ale bardzo nieudolnie!

Celapiu said...


Podróbki ewidentne, ale na tyle nieudolne, że chyba nie ma się co przejmować ;)

dziękujemy za wiadomość, pozdrawiamy serdecznie -

załoga Celapiu