February 28, 2011

Do Make Look Listen Say Think

When I received an email from Jo asking me to send her some high resolution pictures to be featured in an Australian lifestyle magazine, I had no idea that this feature will lead to massive migration of my Fokses to Down Under. One of my Australian customers, who got to know about Celapiu from the magazine wrote to me: "Frankie is very popular here. Maybe not as much as gossip magazines, but very popular among crafty types". And so, when I found a copy in my letterbox I could clearly see why. First of all, Frankie is a pleasure to touch; printed on thick matt paper, even the cover has a non-glossy, satin finish. The layout and graphic design is very simple and clean, not dragging your attention away from the content. And the content itself? Frankie is mostly about design, music, art and fashion, but a relaxed, indie, creative and anti-glamour side to it. I love it this way!

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