February 15, 2011

Joel and Clementine

He is a permanently depressed, withdrawn guy, who finds it difficult to cope with life. She is a rebellious misfit, so extrovertic and impulsive, that it seems she has no control over hers. They could not have been more different, which after 2-years together turns their relationship sour. It is only after having all their memories of each other earased, that they realize how much they had lost. Brilliant "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" by one of my favourite filmmakers Michel Gondry tells a story about the need of love being stronger than all the habits and disfunctions we bring into our relationships. Comforting in this neurotic era, isn't it?

Thanks everyone for sharing your favourite movie couples, it was fun to do this! Now I have to see "Harold and Maude" (thanks Simona), but for tonight I will probably go with "Eternal Sunshine" for a 3 (or 4) time. Oh, and the special V-day gift goes to Natalia, of course. Another thing that makes the movie worth watching again is this absolutely heartbreaking tune by Beck:

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